Saturday, September 26, 2009

Have developed a slight obsession with French Connection this season, which doesn't quite fit with my recessionista status. Although it's more expensive then most high street shops they always seem to deliver with high quality pieces that are both trendy yet quite timeless as well. They don't fall our of shape or look too worn after just one season as well.

I think it's also because I'm a perfect fit in my size in French Connection and don't need to suck my self in like I do in some of the cheaper European high street stores. I find that Topshop, A - Wear, Warehouse and FC are best for this while in Penney's I can often go a size smaller!

Which shops do u find are best for sizes?

My wish list for this A/W contains nearly all of the collection at FC but this dress is probably my favourite...Titled the 'Sweets' dress it comes in a lovely lipstick red shade that I am lusting after for the coming festive season, while the black one is practical to take you from your desk to the dance floor by simply adding some glitzy accessories..

It retails at 85 sterling so is well worth ordering from the UK website rather than paying over the odds in Ireland..


  1. I love French Connection, very classy.

    Besides, I think the best way around recession is to get one or two reaaly good quality pieces so you get away mixing them with cheaper clothes. So I guess you are on the right track Recessionista.

  2. Thanks White Rabbit! I actually agree, I'm starting to appreciate better quality clothes - much better to invest in stuff that lasts more than one season..