Monday, July 26, 2010

the bank holiday weekend is coming and with that is pay day! these 'Apple Wood Clog' boots from Topshop are top of my list for weekend shopping but I'm continually disappointed with the mecca that is Topshop and their unfavourable prices to Irish customers. While shoe horning my feet into them last Saturday in Stephen's Green I discovered they are €114 here, but a quick price comparison later online shows the UK ones to be 75 Sterling, which translated on the day as € basically they are 25 euro cheaper once you convert the currency! disgraceful..well it's Topshop's loss, I'm all for favouring Irish retailers but with this UK flagship taking us for fools I can't find any reason not to save myself €25..anyone have any thoughts on this? I seriously love these boots too, I love the clunkiness of the wood and the hardness of the studs which will be perfect juxtaposed against the floral tea dresses I tend to wear a lot..I'm all about the florals and prints but have to always toughen them up with something less girlie, a boyfriend cardigan, brogues or even just toned down with neutral shades to mute the colour...summer be gone and bring on lots of new boots!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm seriously over summer. Greece was amazing and the beautiful sunny days we've had here in May and June were blissful, but now that soggy warm dampness and erratic rain just has me sick of sloshing about in pumps with wet feet and I'm longing for crisp autumn days, cool and sunny with no rain. Seriously it hardly ever rains here in autumn and winter..apart from one last blast of summer heat ( hopefully) at Electric Picnic, I'm ready for all things nice and autumnal - new winter coats, boots, woolly scarves, the turning leaves, layering, the anticpation of Christmas on the way ( ok I'm being really sad with this one) the smell of halloween in the air, the dusky evenings and lighting candles, and a fire when I go home..snuggly knits and knowing how to dress for the day unlike this crazy unseasonal rain that leaves you soggy yet sticky at the same time! ..anyone else out there prefer the 'back to school' season?

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Lucky, lucky, LUCKY me! Yesterday, to cure a growing hangover I headed to Brown Thomas to spend my three birthday gift cards I received in May. Between work and being at home and on holidays in Greece for a few weeks in June ( hence inconsistent blogging again!), yesterday was finally the perfect afternoon to use them, after careful consideration. My choice -the black and white Alexander McQueen skull scarf, something I've lusted after for a long time...when it came to the crunch though, I nearly changed my mind and got the silvery white one, but went for this one instead - much more versatile..I'm almost afraid to wear it it's so perfect..all Monday/post holiday blues are cured! x