Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've recently started watching the Hills - I know I'm about three years too late with this. Despite it being painfully obvious that most of it is staged and scripted, I'm hooked for two reasons - the fuzzy feeling that envelopes me while viewing snapshopt of LA's blazing sun against the backdrop of rolling hills which reminds me of my time spent there - and more importantly, the fashion.

Lauren is definitely my favourite and while I haven't seen the show until now I am well aware that she and the girls have become firmly established as regulars on fashion pages across the world.

Her style has really evolved in recent months and she has a knack for pulling together effortlessly cool yet feminine outfits always with a pinch of California cool.

This outfit she wore to NY fashion week really caught my eye. I love how the turquoise leather clutch adds a funky injection of colour against the monochrome..I also love how the leather jeggings totally add an edge to the prettiness of the polka dot chiffon blouse.

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