Saturday, September 26, 2009

With many people currently struggling with a range of stressful changes in their lives - be it drastic pay-cuts, signing on or taking work wherever they can - anyone with a relatively secure job arouses little sympathy about their cushy position - whether or not they have job satisfaction is of no real concern.

I, however, was all ears when a friend complained about her finance job that left her feeling bored and unchallenged, despite earning good money. I understood how deflating it must feel to have worked so hard in climbing the ladder to end up demotivated and unsatisfied in the work place.

Having recently married and relocated to London it's not hard to be envious of her champagne lifestyle. She and her man, both with good jobs, found a perfect apartment in trendy Camden and when they're not sampling the best of London's bars and restaurants she is busy shoe shopping to update her Louboutin lined wardrobe.

Her picture-perfect life that she had worked so hard to achieve was being hijacked by the recession in a different, yet equally disheartening, way to mine. Weekends spent strolling on Primrose Hill were blighted by having to endure a job that wasn't quite her preferred area, regardless of the pay.

Was it too much to ask that she be stimulated by her work, as she once had been?

After months of moaning it came to a head in a dramatic twist. An email detailing her misery was sent shooting off into cyberspace to each and every member of her team – including her boss. She had accidentally hit ‘send all’ instead of the one trusted colleague the dramatic rant had been intended for!

What followed was awkward, until a few days later a colleague revealed there was a job going in a nearby company. Within hours she had secured an interview and subsequently landed the job - after thinking she was destined to spend the recession unhappily trapped, ironically, she found something more suited to her then ever before.

She had unintentionally constructed her own exit and got her career back on track.

Perhaps it's a lesson to anyone stuck in the wrong job who is afraid to take the plunge and look elsewhere.

However, while her keyboard catastrophe resulted in a happy ending, perhaps emailing the entire office isn't the best approach to taking charge of your career.

Bizarrely, her mistake took her in the right direction: this girl just has a knack for landing on her feet - always in designer shoes.


  1. Great story, inspiring although i myself might refrain from sending out such emails just yet!!

  2. Thanks guys! yeah the minute I heard this story I knew I had to include it in my column, you couldn't make it up!