Monday, September 14, 2009

What is it about the Breton top that epitomises style in such a simple way?

there are very few pieces as easy to wear as the Chanel inspired cotton striped tee yet it oozes Parisian chic and goes with everything..I've been living in mine since I bought it in French Connection last month. I was very picky about finding the perfect one - the quality of the cotton, the right combination of stretchiness as well as a flattering factor, the exact width between the stripes and so on..

FC's is the best I could find for a high street price, I love it so much I'm considering buying a second one!


  1. You're so right to be picky about getting the right one. Esp. if the blue is wrong or the stripes are to wide or thin or too regular. This FC is perfecto! Well done... As for buying another one?! It would have to be some to top for a recessionista like yourself to consider it! Blimey!

  2. hehe maybe in a while I will..I always panic when I find things I love that I need to snap them up..I have the same black blazer from H and M - 4 times! note these were all bought before the R you know those '2 for 14 euro' vests at Topshop, I literally have about 28 of them..I wonder are other ladies like this when it comes to items that suit them well?

  3. I wish I was especially when it comes to black trousers. It always seems to take an eternity to find the right pair and when I do, I wear them to death. Literally, the seams split, the buttons fall off, the hems come down and the knees go all worn through! Tragedy, I'm always devastated and the search begins all over again.
    If I had just bought a second pair I'd be a much happier girl. You're so right it makes sense to bulk buy smething that looks and fits great.