Sunday, September 20, 2009

New figures reveal that one fifth of people claiming the dole are under 25 which implies the worrying possibility of a lost generation of graduates, just as was the case in the Eighties.

While many under 25s are sure to be despairing at the current economic situation there are many more, like my youngest brother, who are devoid of any real fear and simply get on with things, living for now rather than becoming consumed with worry.

The invincibility of early adulthood affords him a more carefree attitude and with no real responsibilities or, indeed, negative outlook on the world.

He sees no point in worrying and I’m trying to come around to his way of thinking. Electric Picnic sold out in the end - nearly every under-25 I know attended the festival which is testament to this ‘live for today’ attitude that my brother and his friends have adopted.

While he won't admit it, I know there are times he is climbing the walls with boredom but with most of his friends available to hang out with, I know these periods are rare amid his hectic social life

For the record, he is looking for work. I have been helping him update his CV as he does realises his future is important – yet he won’t allow the state of the jobs market interfere with enjoying life here and now.

Of course the phone has yet to ring as it does for many more 22-year-olds like him, I’ve been trying my best not to think about his future, I know he has the ability to become whatever he chooses once the economy picks up. Plus there’s not much point in my energy being wasted on worrying while he spends his weekends frolicking around forests in Co. Laois and living his life to the full.

Earlier in the year I used to hound him aggressively about work: I was like a broken record constantly being ordered to button it by my parents. I was taking my own recession frustrations out on him I suppose. This has all ceased in recent months, not because I have seen how difficult it can be to get work, but because I don’t want to be responsible for jeopardising his cheery demeanour.

Rather than scold his commitment to attending every festival and social gathering this summer I have decided it is a far better mental state to be enjoying life somewhat modestly then curled up in bed consumed by the black cloud of doom.

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