Friday, September 11, 2009

Despite the blazing sunshine I've already been searching for the perfect Winter coat..I finally found it earlier this week in French Connection - a black version of this 'Lark Jacket'. Priced at €220 it's a bit beyond my means at the moment but on checking the website I see it's only 150 sterling in the UK..Fuming I then discovered this converts to only 170euro! Striking while the iron was hot I sent a pitiful text to my dad up in Belfast a few nights ago about how much I needed it only to be laughed down the phone.

However - the next day while sheltering from the Belfast rain what shop should he happen to take cover in - only FC! My dad is a massive fan of shopping, usually for himself and has more shoes than any girl I know. His mood seemed a lot cheerier and so with some charming negotiations he agreed to go halfs and buy it for me at the Sterling rate..we've yet to finalise the terms but I've a feeling a lunch on me should do the trick instead..the coat is currently en route to Skerries for my collection on Sunday!


  1. Lucky Divil! Coat is yum and your Dad's even yummier (in a totally spoil-you-rotten kinda way!)Love that your got your fashion obsession from him, so funny!