Monday, October 5, 2009

While fashion this season has seen a return to 80s trends, in the Irish music scene there is a revival for all things 90s, thanks to tribute band Smash Hits!

Smash Hits! are a unique and entertaining tribute to the golden era of early 90s dance, pop and R'n'B, made up of experienced musicians performing the best of classic tracks from artists such as Vanila Ice, Snap, House of Pain and MC Hammer! Since bursting onto the scene in May they have played at both Oxygen and Electric Picnic as well as landing a residency in Tripod...for a nostalgic trip down your teenage memory lane check out their next Dublin gigs in Tripod on Oct 3rd and the Sugar Club on Oct 17th or keep your ears peeled for nationwide dates!

While perfoming on stage, lead female Orla Breslin, also a member of Irish band Republic of Loose, digs out her chokers and bumbags for true 90s style..scrunchies and puff jackets have also made an appearance! In real life however Orla prefers to skip the 90s style favouring sequins and leggings for ROL performances and a more laid back look when she's not singing..I caught up with Orla to get the spill on her style..

How would you describe your style Orla?
I would say it's girlie with a bit of a rocky edge.

How much would you spend a month on clothes?
It depends really on the month and if I get to go abroad, on average I would say 150 euro.

Any recessionista tips you want to share with us?
Keep an eye on the sale rails and join a covers band so you can wear all your old clothes! Not a fan of vintage stores anymore, used to love them but find the style has gone a bit stale. Also, never buy vintage shoes, have done it so many times and always end up paying to have them reheeled and resoled - just buy them new!

What are your favourite shops?
Topshop and American Apparel.

Do u have a style icon?
No one in particular, but I recently saw a picture of Zoe Kravitz and thought her style kicked ass.

What five things in your wardrobe could you not live without?
My black and gold studded ankle boots from Topshop, my AA hoody dresses, my brown leather satchel from Barcelona, my quarter inch jack gold pendant and my black hooded leather jacket.

What's your best fashion buy?
Best buy is a black sequined mini dress from Joanne Hynes which I wear to death and was worth every penny.

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