Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In my opinion Christmas officially begins tomorrow, December 1st!

For me, as well as indulging in an extended break from work, Christmas is all about the run up, the build up, those magical few weeks before - I love everything from soaking up the atmosphere, shopping, wrapping, decorating, and the various Christmas parties I'll be attending. Truth be told I start to feel the anti-climax after Stephen's Day and my absolute favourite day is Christmas Eve..New Year's Eve makes me shudder!

One thing every girl needs to get her through the party season is a little red dress. This year especially, it works well teamed with the season's camel tones, as well as always working well with anything black or sparkly. I've bought this crepe number with 70s style blouson sleeves and draped neck line, it's €170 in French Connection - an investment that will see me through plenty of Christmases to come.

The fit and cut of it won me over so much, I also bought it in navy too for a safer option that I will probably wear on Christmas day. These dresses are so versatile they can be re worked again and again for multiple looks!

French Connection really are top of my list this year for well cut, structured dresses that show off my best bits, and disguise the rest - worth paying extra for items that last and fit so beautifully, I reckon. Also loving this this tulip number from Zara, from their current look book.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clémence Poésy is one of my current style crushes. The French fashion model and actress ( most will know her from starring as Colin Farrell's love interest in In Bruges) is a natural beauty and oozes style with her typically French paired down look. She incorporates some of my favourite items such as black opaques, flat pumps, blazers and blouses. Her whole look is laid back yet elegant, with her flawless skin and amazing 'not too done' hair sealing her style status. She keeps it simple for the most part but mixes textures and plays with proportion for a look that turns heads every time. I LOVE her.

Ooh it's been a long while since I've devoted some time to the blog..the past few months have just whizzed by in a blur of work and busy family happenings..after a few weeks of promising myself I'd get back into it, now is the perfect time - so much has happened fashion wise in Dublin this past week that's inspired me.

Firstly the arrival of the huge new New Look store in Jervis St, garnering plenty of column inches in the past few days. It's a great addition to our high street and seems to be very popular with girls of all ages. Personally, I wouldn't be the biggest fan but was still inspired to check it out to see what all the fuss is about. I went in with a friend today for a leisurely Sunday browse, only to find ourselves fighting through the frenzy of shoppers - surely everyone is saving their money for Christmas, no? My friend agreed she wouldn't be a big fan of the clothes, but still we decided it's a good place for disposable fashion trends and will definitely do well in the months ahead.

I popped in for a very quick look at the Hermes bag in Brown Thomas too, which has caused quite a stir this week, along with the new Marvel room, showcasing a range of all that makes Brown Thomas the best place for wish list shopping. ahh!

Lanvin's arrival in H&M is also big news and there are a couple of frocks I have my eye on for the festive season, while other big news last Thursday was the launch of Debenhams.ie - hurray! The favourite department store has launched its long awaited online shopping service with free delivery to all Irish customers for the first two weeks! After this it's a recession-busting €5 for delivery no matter what you order! I'm not the biggest online shopper, usually I need to be tempted by the feel of clothes between my fingers and apart from some infrequent dabbling on ASOS I generally tend to do my shopping by foot. However, this site, which has everything from the department store under one roof (your roof!) allows endless hours of fun and browsing and takes the pain out of Christmas shopping for those who can't bear the crowds.

From some of their most popular concessions, Debenhams designers including Henry Holland, Jasper Conran and John Rocha as well as a host of favourite beauty brands ( Chanel, Benefit, Guerlain, Smashbox to name but a few) , home wares and gifts means it really is the one stop shopping site no matter what you are looking for ..Luckily I got to a detailed briefing on the site through work and am well and truly hooked - I can't wait to try it out!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

getting very excited now about Electric Picnic next weekend - deciding on what to pack and who I'll see on the line up..spent a lovely afternoon with a friend in town yesterday, eating too many tapas in the Porthouse and drinking too much wine in the early afternoon, but we also managed a 'festival stocking up' trip to Boots for everything from baby wipes to anti bacterial handwash, mini toothpastes, deodrants and beroccas..yes we are organised! All we need now is the weather to stay fine, just like Alexa's sunny festival trip pictured here..

oh and for info on the Bacardi B Live Arena's 1920's fabulous 'Roaring Twenties' Costume Party on the Sunday afternoon, which is a great excuse to dress up at the Picnic, check out information here on www.stylebible.ie


Monday, July 26, 2010

the bank holiday weekend is coming and with that is pay day! these 'Apple Wood Clog' boots from Topshop are top of my list for weekend shopping but I'm continually disappointed with the mecca that is Topshop and their unfavourable prices to Irish customers. While shoe horning my feet into them last Saturday in Stephen's Green I discovered they are €114 here, but a quick price comparison later online shows the UK ones to be 75 Sterling, which translated on the day as €89..so basically they are 25 euro cheaper once you convert the currency! disgraceful..well it's Topshop's loss, I'm all for favouring Irish retailers but with this UK flagship taking us for fools I can't find any reason not to save myself €25..anyone have any thoughts on this? I seriously love these boots too, I love the clunkiness of the wood and the hardness of the studs which will be perfect juxtaposed against the floral tea dresses I tend to wear a lot..I'm all about the florals and prints but have to always toughen them up with something less girlie, a boyfriend cardigan, brogues or even just toned down with neutral shades to mute the colour...summer be gone and bring on lots of new boots!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm seriously over summer. Greece was amazing and the beautiful sunny days we've had here in May and June were blissful, but now that soggy warm dampness and erratic rain just has me sick of sloshing about in pumps with wet feet and I'm longing for crisp autumn days, cool and sunny with no rain. Seriously it hardly ever rains here in autumn and winter..apart from one last blast of summer heat ( hopefully) at Electric Picnic, I'm ready for all things nice and autumnal - new winter coats, boots, woolly scarves, the turning leaves, layering, the anticpation of Christmas on the way ( ok I'm being really sad with this one) the smell of halloween in the air, the dusky evenings and lighting candles, and a fire when I go home..snuggly knits and knowing how to dress for the day unlike this crazy unseasonal rain that leaves you soggy yet sticky at the same time! ..anyone else out there prefer the 'back to school' season?

pics courtesy of the Sarorialist and zimbio.com

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lucky, lucky, LUCKY me! Yesterday, to cure a growing hangover I headed to Brown Thomas to spend my three birthday gift cards I received in May. Between work and being at home and on holidays in Greece for a few weeks in June ( hence inconsistent blogging again!), yesterday was finally the perfect afternoon to use them, after careful consideration. My choice -the black and white Alexander McQueen skull scarf, something I've lusted after for a long time...when it came to the crunch though, I nearly changed my mind and got the silvery white one, but went for this one instead - much more versatile..I'm almost afraid to wear it it's so perfect..all Monday/post holiday blues are cured! x

Sunday, May 30, 2010

So finally the long wait arrived and many of us have now seen Sex and the City 2 over the weekend..if you haven't managed to organise a ticket yet then you might not want to read on, and wait to see it for yourselves..

In short, I did love it but it definitely wasn't as good as the series or even the first film - many people are giving it bad reviews because of this, but really I think people have built up such high expectations over the past two years waiting on it to be a-maaazing..it still was brilliant, for true fans like myself it was a chance to simply catch up with the characters and the writers really knew how to pander to people's affections, ensuring favourites such as Aidan, Smith and Carrie's old apartment all featured in the film. For the record Smith looked hotter than ever as did Aidan and even Big, surprisingly!

People have also been giving out about the lack of realism, the ostentatious fashion (hello? this is one of the main reasons we love it so much)..apparently there were over 300 outfit changes between the ladies throughtout the film and the fashion was a star all in itself, all of the outfits reflected a mix of what Patricia Field does best and she really matched the clothes to the scenes - Abu Dhabi saw the girls kitted out in fabulous floaty fabrics and bold colours and patterns, Samantha's trademark statement earrings were even bigger and more 'bling'..I thought Miranda looked better then ever, the whole holiday scenario was pure over the top, one scene in particular involving a camel ride and a tent full of designer clothes - but this is the point, no one wants to see the girls 'do' recession..I think my favourite was Carrie shuffling about the dessert in a full ball gown skirt with a Dior T-shirt..

The storyline wasn't as strong as the first film, and the whole thing felt like we were just dropping in to see how everyone was getting on - but that's what made it so good in the end, I definitely left feeling good and nostalgic about the whole series....and judging by the full house of stylish girls at the Savoy on Friday night and the rapturous applause at the end, the other fans felt the same - weak storylines and over the top scenes regardless..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Still a busy bee at the moment, literally counting down the days to my holidays - 3 working weeks left..whether you're lucky enough to be heading off in the sun or gearing up for the expected heat wave this weekend, these are some of my favourite summer finds from my browsing over the weekend, I bought the bangles and earrings and am mulling over the rest! chat soon x

Blue Print Cami, €20 from A-Wear..

Off White 'Seanna' Clogs from Topshop

Multi Stack of bangles, €12 from A-Wear

Disc and Chain Earrings, from Warehouse..

One Shouldered tiered Chiffon Floaty floral dress..reduced to €47 at Warehouse


Monday, May 3, 2010

I've been very lazy when it comes to posting recently, I've literally just been so busy at work and with other projects as well..but I vow from here on in to post more regularly! It's 5 weeks now to my holidays in Greece, and ever the little organiser I have already started making lists of what clothes I have to bring with me as well as identifying gaps in my wardrobe that must be filled for two weeks in the sun..new swim wear, bold colourful jewellery and a versatile big bag are all on my list for this month - I find shopping for my holiday almost as much fun as the actual holiday! I'm trying to be somewhat sensible this year though. In the past I've headed off to the sun armed with 8 ill fitting bikinis and just as many pairs of uncomfortable Penneys jewel-encrusted flip flops, to end up shunning sore feet in favour of one trusty pair of shoes throughout the whole holiday! I literally have several pairs of Penneys shoes from the past two years still with their tags on..

Penneys and other cheaper stores are great for adding bright beachy accessories to your look, especially as it's unlikely we will get much further wear out of animal print kaftans and oversized wicker bags on returning home..but for important items such as proper fitting swimwear and stylish, but bearable shoes I'm opting to invest a bit more money this year. I kick started my holiday wish list with these multi coloured gladiatiors for €55 from Aldo on Saturday - the various colours match several dresses perfectly and while they are comfortable for trekking around the beach during the day they are still glam enough to take me straight to the bar as well..Result

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm very lucky that one of my best friends works in fashion - as a stylist for one of the biggest high street stores she spends her days travelling between the different retail centres around the country, and when she's not working is checking out competitor stores and their collections, keeping me updated! She often spies things she knows I'll like or mentally bookmarks clothes for me for when we meet at the weekends...She happened to be first on the heels of those queuing in South King Street's H & M last week for their new exclusive Garden Collection. This latest limited edition collection from H & M is a bold and bright offering of 'chlorophyll garden greens' and inspired by sun drenched landscapes with burnt oranges and electric pink hues.

The range is head to toe colour, incorporating the season's flower trend throughout as well, with delicate applique flowers on colour block dresses, romantic roses and chiffon covered in ditzy prints. Lucky for me, when the collection hit the shelves my friend kindly picked up this dress I had spotted in Vogue.. Knowing my love for mixing florals with 'tougher' elements ( flower power has over taken my wardrobe in recent months but always played down with neutral greys, nudes and black tights)..she snared this dress at the bargain price of €20..most definitely a recession friendly price! I'm not sure about the sleeves and may have them altered as they're a little bit 'hippy chic' for my liking..but then again, that might just work perfectly for my holiday in June..

Many of the pieces have already sold out..Oh and I must mention that the Garden Collection is indeed garden friendly - all of the clothes are made from 100% organic or recycled materials! Available while stock lasts at South King Street branch in Dublin..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today was the first day that signalled summer is on the way..ok it's still very cold out but the clear blue skies and glaring sunshine hinted at longer days and warm evenings ahead..this perfect Sunday weather has me day dreaming about floaty dresses, gladiator sandals and straw hats by the beach!

If I'm honest, I actually prefer the colder weather where fashion is concerned - boots, black tights, great structured coats and knitted scarfs. No pasty pins, sweating red faces or frizzy over heated hair to worry about either!

Every year however, about now, I forget how an Irish summer usually equates to over heating in a sticky office or sloshing around town in rain sodden flip flops and I imagine perfect days sunning myself like these ladies who 'do' summer so well. I'm off to Greece in June so until then will have great fun thinking and planning how many pairs of Penneys flip-flops I will fit into my suitcase for two weeks of style in the sun..

..and by the end of my holiday I'll have tired once more of summer's frivolous fashion for another year, two weeks is just enough for me!
2nd and 3rd pics from Elle.com

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I was off work yesterday and had the best day! It's so nice to have an extra day on the weekend, it really makes a difference. After lunch with a friend we did our usual stopover in Brown Thomas to pet the bags and try on the shoes, before stocking up on essentials at American Apparel. I bought one of their unisex hoodies in grey, kind of expensive at €42 but it's really good quality, a perfect fit and feels super soft. I have a serious amount of hoodies clogging up my wardrobe in every colour, but I alternate between an oversized one belonging to my boyf for around the house, and a perfect fitting H & M grey one that shrank on my brother.

I thought it was about time I bought my own grey one to add to the collection and am also now hankering over this blue style from AA..

Oh by the way I'm also contributing now on stylebible.ie so check it out if you're not familiar, a great Irish site for fashion and lifestyle news.


Newest columns up on the side bar as well x

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I watched True Romance again recently and I forgot how much I love this film! My favourite Tarantino movie, it's thrilling, funny and sexy. Patricia Arquette is the epitomy of stylish and sexy as the kooky Clarence. An eclectic combination of acid brights, dishevelled platinum hair and stone wash denim creates a style that's mutually tacky and endearing but ultimately she's just plain cool!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The end of the month is nearly upon us once more and with that comes pay day!! Below are some of things I've got my eye on right now. The Alexa is in again this time the pinky purply leopard print version which I'm currently obsessed with - this one is definitely on the 'wish' side of my list..

Ruffle stripe tee from French Connection, Gold overlay cuff from Asos.com, Love heart cardigan from Topshop, Multi Strand bracelet from House of Harlow at Mywardrobe.com. TBA Black Chiffon dress from BT2/Urban Outfitters.

Alexa Mulberry at Brown Thomas!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finally got round to watching the September Issue this morning..Love Sienna's shoot in it...

Also wanted to post this pic of Kate which is stunning, in tribute to Alexander McQueen's great work..love this dress..such a loss for the fashion industry..

Happy Saturday people...

Monday, February 8, 2010

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, nothing symoblises sex appeal more then perfectly polished red lips..while pastels might be hot for spring/summer, a plump red pout never goes out of style..X

I'm delighted to hear the news today that Danni Minogue has been signed up as the newest face of M & S, continuing the style redirection they have undergone in recent years. Along with Danni, Lisa Snowdon will also participate in this year's ad campaigns, giving a further style step-up the ladder for Britain's traditional 'family' store, confiming it's fashionable position on the high-street that is now well deserved.

I usually pop in on my way down to the food hall to splurge on pre-packed salads when I'm feeling flush, and have to say I really like what I've seen the last few seasons. Only last weekend I spied a sexy silk blouse top in vibrant canary yellow that really stood out...Danni is the perfect fit for M&S going forward I think, her glossy grown up glamour will add a nice dash of sophistication to the line, I think she'll do well for them. I wonder if she will do a maternity line as well!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

While I was free lancing-slash-unemployed for most of last year I had plenty of time to wander around town and I definitely fell head over heels in love with our little fair city of Dublin. Now, I spend most of my week couped up in an office and despite living just ten minutes from Stephen's Green, I miss all the free time I had just lolling around. Which is why I love the weekends so much! Strolling round town, browsing, buying and simply soaking up the atmosphere, whether on my own or with a friend, is one of my favourite things in the world.

Today was a great example of a perfect Saturday. After spending the afternoon with friends I headed home via Brown Thomas, sampling Jo Malone scents and stopping off for a sneaky raspberry macaroon at the Lauderee counter. My priority however lay with Mulberry - I wanted to check out their new showcase area in the bag hall, and more importantly have a stroke of the new Alexa bag. You would think that finally owning my own Mulberry Bayswater since Christmas would keep my obsession at bay, but the Alexa has ignited new passion in me. I spent ages chatting to the lovely sales girl and somehow ended up putting my name down on the waiting list. Just in case I come into some money! No harm in being prepared!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've always been a fan of hoods but have recently become rather obsessed with them, especially since finally, after years of searching, found a hooded khaki parka that I thought only existed in my imagination. They help with the rain we've been having too!

Pics courtesy of facehunter.com, sun.co.uk, metro.co.uk, whisty.wordpress.com