Saturday, February 27, 2010

I was off work yesterday and had the best day! It's so nice to have an extra day on the weekend, it really makes a difference. After lunch with a friend we did our usual stopover in Brown Thomas to pet the bags and try on the shoes, before stocking up on essentials at American Apparel. I bought one of their unisex hoodies in grey, kind of expensive at €42 but it's really good quality, a perfect fit and feels super soft. I have a serious amount of hoodies clogging up my wardrobe in every colour, but I alternate between an oversized one belonging to my boyf for around the house, and a perfect fitting H & M grey one that shrank on my brother.

I thought it was about time I bought my own grey one to add to the collection and am also now hankering over this blue style from AA..

Oh by the way I'm also contributing now on so check it out if you're not familiar, a great Irish site for fashion and lifestyle news.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I watched True Romance again recently and I forgot how much I love this film! My favourite Tarantino movie, it's thrilling, funny and sexy. Patricia Arquette is the epitomy of stylish and sexy as the kooky Clarence. An eclectic combination of acid brights, dishevelled platinum hair and stone wash denim creates a style that's mutually tacky and endearing but ultimately she's just plain cool!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The end of the month is nearly upon us once more and with that comes pay day!! Below are some of things I've got my eye on right now. The Alexa is in again this time the pinky purply leopard print version which I'm currently obsessed with - this one is definitely on the 'wish' side of my list..

Ruffle stripe tee from French Connection, Gold overlay cuff from, Love heart cardigan from Topshop, Multi Strand bracelet from House of Harlow at TBA Black Chiffon dress from BT2/Urban Outfitters.

Alexa Mulberry at Brown Thomas!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finally got round to watching the September Issue this morning..Love Sienna's shoot in it...

Also wanted to post this pic of Kate which is stunning, in tribute to Alexander McQueen's great this dress..such a loss for the fashion industry..

Happy Saturday people...

Monday, February 8, 2010

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, nothing symoblises sex appeal more then perfectly polished red lips..while pastels might be hot for spring/summer, a plump red pout never goes out of style..X

I'm delighted to hear the news today that Danni Minogue has been signed up as the newest face of M & S, continuing the style redirection they have undergone in recent years. Along with Danni, Lisa Snowdon will also participate in this year's ad campaigns, giving a further style step-up the ladder for Britain's traditional 'family' store, confiming it's fashionable position on the high-street that is now well deserved.

I usually pop in on my way down to the food hall to splurge on pre-packed salads when I'm feeling flush, and have to say I really like what I've seen the last few seasons. Only last weekend I spied a sexy silk blouse top in vibrant canary yellow that really stood out...Danni is the perfect fit for M&S going forward I think, her glossy grown up glamour will add a nice dash of sophistication to the line, I think she'll do well for them. I wonder if she will do a maternity line as well!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

While I was free lancing-slash-unemployed for most of last year I had plenty of time to wander around town and I definitely fell head over heels in love with our little fair city of Dublin. Now, I spend most of my week couped up in an office and despite living just ten minutes from Stephen's Green, I miss all the free time I had just lolling around. Which is why I love the weekends so much! Strolling round town, browsing, buying and simply soaking up the atmosphere, whether on my own or with a friend, is one of my favourite things in the world.

Today was a great example of a perfect Saturday. After spending the afternoon with friends I headed home via Brown Thomas, sampling Jo Malone scents and stopping off for a sneaky raspberry macaroon at the Lauderee counter. My priority however lay with Mulberry - I wanted to check out their new showcase area in the bag hall, and more importantly have a stroke of the new Alexa bag. You would think that finally owning my own Mulberry Bayswater since Christmas would keep my obsession at bay, but the Alexa has ignited new passion in me. I spent ages chatting to the lovely sales girl and somehow ended up putting my name down on the waiting list. Just in case I come into some money! No harm in being prepared!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've always been a fan of hoods but have recently become rather obsessed with them, especially since finally, after years of searching, found a hooded khaki parka that I thought only existed in my imagination. They help with the rain we've been having too!

Pics courtesy of,,,

Can't wait to get my hands on the March issue of Vogue out tomorrow, Alexa Chung is the month's cover star and looks stunning as always in a white button shirt and black blazer. She does tom boy cool so well and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the editorial, which apparently features a heavy emphasis on denim, one of spring/summer's big trends.

Queen Kate proving yet again while she's still my number one style icon. Pictured here at a film premier in London this week, the model shows how her trademark tuxedo blazer and opaques work perfectly with a simple white dress underneath.

I can't get over how great Victoria Beckham looks right now, photographed here wearing flats and a simple navy dress. I've never been a fan of Posh's look, always finding her completely over styled with too much fuss and jutting bones. Even as her status in the fashion world rose, I never warmed to her, and until seeing this pic, have never once oohed over an outfit of hers.

Even when she does a jeans and vest look she always ruins it with towering unappropriate shoes and too much tan, so it's refreshing here to finally see her dressed down in a simple way. She has famously declared to hate flats, and has apparently resorted to these ballet pumps to help with painful bunions (from years of ridiculous shoes). She once remarked even, that skinny jeans and flat pumps make you look like a golf club, which I just don't see. Some of the most stylish girls are flat-fans, though I suppose it helps if you like your ankles, which many women might not.

Sometimes it's just sexier to be comfortable, and not trying too hard. There's a time and a place for killer heels, for me it's when I know there's a taxi featuring in the night. I think Victoria looks absolutely adorable like this, relaxed, simple and stunning and I love that she's returned to her natural boob size, which suits her petitie frame so much more.

She might just be a style icon after all!