Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All my nearest and dearest's birthdays are clustered around the same dates. It causes a shock to the wallet during the best of times, but this year I have to be hugely creative with my gifting and celebration of their special days.

Two of my best friends share a birthday in October while two others share the same date in June. This has usually meant great weekends drifting between parties to ensure I don't miss out!

However, beating that is the fact all of my immediate family, along with my nanny, favourite aunt and godchild, are all within a few weeks of each other. A serious credit cruncher indeed!

My dad, godchild and youngest brother all celebrated within days of each other recently. I reconciled with my brother that we wouldn't worry about presents this year - with him not working and me adjusting to my new casual work routine. I knew he would be satisfied with a vodka next time we met in the pub.

Dad got a cheap shirt between the three of us and thanked us by taking his troupe for dinner, not quite sure how it ended up that he would pay for his own birthday meal.

I decided however that my godchild wasn't going to suffer because of the recession and I dashed about town snapping up the remains of the TopShop sale and searching for sparkly cupcakes and girlie treats.

Being able to spoil someone you love is just as fun as receiving gifts. I wondered how my youngest brother would manage celebrating his new girlfriend’s birthday last week as well. He is not the best when it comes to remembering important dates and with no job it could prove particularly difficult.

The birthday card he bought for dad lay unwritten on his bedroom floor three days after dad's day had passed and it's doubtless whether nanny will even get a birthday text in the coming weeks as he saves his credit for his leading lady.

So I rang him with some wisdom on how it’s the thought that counts and not to worry about not working, just be sure to remember her special day.
Turns out I needn’t had bothered, he had a weekend away booked and paid for – flights to Brussels and festival tickets all organised.

Astonishingly he had been saving his dole for a few weeks, not as hard when he lives at home. He was determined to push the boat out for her birthday, job or no job.

I guess it proves nothing stands in the way of new love - not even unemployment.

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