Monday, May 3, 2010

I've been very lazy when it comes to posting recently, I've literally just been so busy at work and with other projects as well..but I vow from here on in to post more regularly! It's 5 weeks now to my holidays in Greece, and ever the little organiser I have already started making lists of what clothes I have to bring with me as well as identifying gaps in my wardrobe that must be filled for two weeks in the swim wear, bold colourful jewellery and a versatile big bag are all on my list for this month - I find shopping for my holiday almost as much fun as the actual holiday! I'm trying to be somewhat sensible this year though. In the past I've headed off to the sun armed with 8 ill fitting bikinis and just as many pairs of uncomfortable Penneys jewel-encrusted flip flops, to end up shunning sore feet in favour of one trusty pair of shoes throughout the whole holiday! I literally have several pairs of Penneys shoes from the past two years still with their tags on..

Penneys and other cheaper stores are great for adding bright beachy accessories to your look, especially as it's unlikely we will get much further wear out of animal print kaftans and oversized wicker bags on returning home..but for important items such as proper fitting swimwear and stylish, but bearable shoes I'm opting to invest a bit more money this year. I kick started my holiday wish list with these multi coloured gladiatiors for €55 from Aldo on Saturday - the various colours match several dresses perfectly and while they are comfortable for trekking around the beach during the day they are still glam enough to take me straight to the bar as well..Result


  1. hello,
    can you please tell me about fashion pr and communications, i'm very keen to work in fashion industry but have no proper guidance.
    Kindly help me to know more about fashion pr.

  2. Of course, if you want to email me I can get back to you with any questions you have..

  3. I love those gladiators - been wanting that exact pair for ages!