Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today was the first day that signalled summer is on the way..ok it's still very cold out but the clear blue skies and glaring sunshine hinted at longer days and warm evenings ahead..this perfect Sunday weather has me day dreaming about floaty dresses, gladiator sandals and straw hats by the beach!

If I'm honest, I actually prefer the colder weather where fashion is concerned - boots, black tights, great structured coats and knitted scarfs. No pasty pins, sweating red faces or frizzy over heated hair to worry about either!

Every year however, about now, I forget how an Irish summer usually equates to over heating in a sticky office or sloshing around town in rain sodden flip flops and I imagine perfect days sunning myself like these ladies who 'do' summer so well. I'm off to Greece in June so until then will have great fun thinking and planning how many pairs of Penneys flip-flops I will fit into my suitcase for two weeks of style in the sun..

..and by the end of my holiday I'll have tired once more of summer's frivolous fashion for another year, two weeks is just enough for me!
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  1. Those photos make me want to get out my flip flops and summer dresses! Alas its as freezing here in London as it is in Dublin :-(

  2. Seriously, Sienna Miller has a gift. EVERYtime I see here she looks incredible and so effortless.

  3. I know, Sienna Miller is fab! and it's freezing here again Aisling as well! snowing in the midlands!