Sunday, May 30, 2010

So finally the long wait arrived and many of us have now seen Sex and the City 2 over the weekend..if you haven't managed to organise a ticket yet then you might not want to read on, and wait to see it for yourselves..

In short, I did love it but it definitely wasn't as good as the series or even the first film - many people are giving it bad reviews because of this, but really I think people have built up such high expectations over the past two years waiting on it to be still was brilliant, for true fans like myself it was a chance to simply catch up with the characters and the writers really knew how to pander to people's affections, ensuring favourites such as Aidan, Smith and Carrie's old apartment all featured in the film. For the record Smith looked hotter than ever as did Aidan and even Big, surprisingly!

People have also been giving out about the lack of realism, the ostentatious fashion (hello? this is one of the main reasons we love it so much)..apparently there were over 300 outfit changes between the ladies throughtout the film and the fashion was a star all in itself, all of the outfits reflected a mix of what Patricia Field does best and she really matched the clothes to the scenes - Abu Dhabi saw the girls kitted out in fabulous floaty fabrics and bold colours and patterns, Samantha's trademark statement earrings were even bigger and more 'bling'..I thought Miranda looked better then ever, the whole holiday scenario was pure over the top, one scene in particular involving a camel ride and a tent full of designer clothes - but this is the point, no one wants to see the girls 'do' recession..I think my favourite was Carrie shuffling about the dessert in a full ball gown skirt with a Dior T-shirt..

The storyline wasn't as strong as the first film, and the whole thing felt like we were just dropping in to see how everyone was getting on - but that's what made it so good in the end, I definitely left feeling good and nostalgic about the whole series....and judging by the full house of stylish girls at the Savoy on Friday night and the rapturous applause at the end, the other fans felt the same - weak storylines and over the top scenes regardless..


  1. Ignore all the bad reviews - a true SATC fan will love the new movie - I found it hilarious and adored all the outfits. Miranda really has come into her own style. You mentioned one of my fave scenes Carrie looking very out of place in her prom skirt, Dior Tee as Aidan spins her around the market street. Great Feature!

  2. Felt the same way – well worth going to see if you're a fan of the show.