Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm delighted to hear the news today that Danni Minogue has been signed up as the newest face of M & S, continuing the style redirection they have undergone in recent years. Along with Danni, Lisa Snowdon will also participate in this year's ad campaigns, giving a further style step-up the ladder for Britain's traditional 'family' store, confiming it's fashionable position on the high-street that is now well deserved.

I usually pop in on my way down to the food hall to splurge on pre-packed salads when I'm feeling flush, and have to say I really like what I've seen the last few seasons. Only last weekend I spied a sexy silk blouse top in vibrant canary yellow that really stood out...Danni is the perfect fit for M&S going forward I think, her glossy grown up glamour will add a nice dash of sophistication to the line, I think she'll do well for them. I wonder if she will do a maternity line as well!

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