Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm very lucky that one of my best friends works in fashion - as a stylist for one of the biggest high street stores she spends her days travelling between the different retail centres around the country, and when she's not working is checking out competitor stores and their collections, keeping me updated! She often spies things she knows I'll like or mentally bookmarks clothes for me for when we meet at the weekends...She happened to be first on the heels of those queuing in South King Street's H & M last week for their new exclusive Garden Collection. This latest limited edition collection from H & M is a bold and bright offering of 'chlorophyll garden greens' and inspired by sun drenched landscapes with burnt oranges and electric pink hues.

The range is head to toe colour, incorporating the season's flower trend throughout as well, with delicate applique flowers on colour block dresses, romantic roses and chiffon covered in ditzy prints. Lucky for me, when the collection hit the shelves my friend kindly picked up this dress I had spotted in Vogue.. Knowing my love for mixing florals with 'tougher' elements ( flower power has over taken my wardrobe in recent months but always played down with neutral greys, nudes and black tights)..she snared this dress at the bargain price of €20..most definitely a recession friendly price! I'm not sure about the sleeves and may have them altered as they're a little bit 'hippy chic' for my liking..but then again, that might just work perfectly for my holiday in June..

Many of the pieces have already sold out..Oh and I must mention that the Garden Collection is indeed garden friendly - all of the clothes are made from 100% organic or recycled materials! Available while stock lasts at South King Street branch in Dublin..


  1. You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.............................................

  2. That dress is amazing and your friend equally so! Fab. Can I get an introduction? Failing that, spread the word ;) I won't tell a soul!

  3. Gorgeous dress! I can't get out to Dublin anytime soon to pick up anything from that collection, and the one nearest me doesn't stock anything, as usual. My area is a little fashion challenged I think.