Monday, December 28, 2009

Often, it takes years of drama to realise that certain friends are no good for us, a person who is simply ruining your self esteem or is toxic to be around. However, I’m glad that at 27 , I’m really lucky with my bunch, a mix of school, college and other friends who are the best in the world.

It’s hard to believe that my longest standing friendship is close to approaching it’s 25th year! 24 years of neighbourly bliss began at three years old when the Scully’s moved in beside us. However, my friend wasn’t greeted with the nicest welcome from my toddler self and when she made a dive for my favourite toy on that first meeting, well, she got a bite to remember. Mrs. Scully was horrified and whisked her daughter off to the doctors who was so alarmed at the severity of the bite he thought it had come from an animal! Woops!

I can't remember the aftermath but I have few childhood memories that don't involve her and her sisters so we must have made firm friends pretty quickly afterwards.

While I was living frugally for the last six months, the recession afforded me plenty of time to catch up with all my friends, a nice break from the usual cycle of working long hours and constantly playing catch up.

I suppose though, it’s not a coincidence that I've made some of my best friends in the last three or four years - as I really got to know myself.

We all seem to have gravitated towards the same area in town too, which helps with the mid week meetings. After hearing 'friends of friends' stories about drunken dramas and bitchiness I'm grateful I don't have any of that hassle in my life – it’s best left in the past with dodgy school photos.

Since being back at work though I've had less time during the week to skip back to Skerries or jaunt around town and am looking forward to heading home for Christmas.

The girls next door and I have a tradition we've kept still, 25 years on. I hop over their wall every Christmas morning to see what Santy brought them, still in my pyjamas. It's not quite at 6am anymore and is now accompanied with a hangover, but nevertheless it's something we look forward to.

We always have a laugh at the years gone by – and I’m slagged over the scar on her arm!

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