Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have learnt that I'm never happier then when I'm making lists. At work, I was never far from my to-do lists, post-its and highlighters and now working for myself I continue to carry a book with ideas and lists everywhere and am bordering on OCD with sub-lists and mini-lists and so on.

I love it.

This year being semi freelance/semi- unemployed, I relished in challenging myself to get the most out of my finances in the run up to Christmas, and took great pleasure in composing several lists a few weeks ago.

Who I needed to buy for, how much I needed to spend, what nights out were planned that I had to attend, where could I cut back and be creative with gifting? It's the first time for decorating my own place, while making sure my neglected roots are perfect at least for the festive season is also a priority I won't compromise on.

Christmas is undoubtedly my absolute favourite time of year and a lack of disposable funds and the gloomy recession is not going to stop me from enjoying it. In fact, I think we all owe it to ourselves to enjoy it more than ever this year.

No Christmas party and no kriskindle with colleagues is something I'll miss out on, but I'll also have much more time to enjoy the festive spirit. The coming weeks leave me with plenty of hours to soak up the atmosphere around town.

Being broke won’t stop me enjoying myself.

If I'm honest, it's not just the lack of a full-time job that has me being so organised - I've always been like this - but for the first time since losing my job, I am looking forward to being off, and, as always, taking the positive from a situation.

However, in the past week I've had three interviews and am pinching myself with excitement to hear back and daydreaming about the future, should I be made an offer. It's a nice dilemma to be in and I realise how lucky I am that after six months of searching for the perfect position, interviews have come along in threes like delayed buses.

It looks like I could be working hard in the run up to Christmas after all, which will mean a change to my festive finances - and a chance to rewrite my Christmas lists!

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