Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last week I was stuck for an idea for this column. With my deadline just days away I hadn't heard of any life-changing events or recession wowing stories, and the news reported nothing too interesting.Then one afternoon, up to my eyes at my desk, I got a call to the boardroom that would change my life and shake things upside down, yet again. I was let go from my job, a mere 16 weeks after I started, and the second time in a year I found myself in this situation!

You really couldn't make this stuff up.

After apologetic explanations about cutbacks, I left in a rage. I had heard it all before.Unfortunately for me, and my chosen industry, it really is a case of day-by-day at the moment. I had a choice of two jobs back in February and hedged my bets that this was a safer choice, boasting as it did an impressive portfolio of long term clients. But no one and no where is safe from the evil recession, like a wildfire spreading and damaging lives at all cost.

As a victim of the 'last in first out' syndrome I just can't seem to get a break. I had just settled in, learnt how everyone takes their tea and how the printer works.I had sensed no warning that this was about to happen again. In my first job there were whispers of impending cuts for months before any of us were shown the door and on the day I finally received my notice my overwhelming emotion was actually relief, relief that I hadn't after all been paranoid during the previous months.

The knots in my stomach were justified and although I was devastated to leave somewhere I loved, I was ready to start a clean slate.But now my clean slate has been muddied. I was completely caught off guard and hadn't suspected that my call to the boardroom would deliver such a blow. One minute I was stressing at my lengthening ‘to-do’ list for Monday, the next I was running up the canal in shock.

It's been a few days now and I have regained my usual positive disposition and 'glass full' perspective.

Everywhere is experiencing cutbacks; all clients in all industries are clawing back and slashing budgets where they can. I know it's nothing personal and I am lucky to have worked for these two great companies and learnt a lot from both.

Now I am ready, yet again, to fight another day and not let the recession get the better of me.

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