Saturday, July 4, 2009

How good are the summer sales this year?! The tricky thing about being out of work is having endless hours to trawl the shops unearthing bargainous gems, but with very little money to buy it's a dilemma! Window shopping is my new favourite way to pass the day but I did give in to temptation twice this week when I discovered an amazing dress in Top-shop reduced from €68 to €22! Leaving it behind was simply not an option and it's definitely an investment for my new job, wherever that may be!

Also got sucked in while browsing in Oasis and bought these cute toe cap pumps reduced from €55 to €25, a total bargain for a flat lover like me..I live in flats so am always on the look out for well heeled and priced pairs at topshop and oasis, unfortunately my odd inward leaning feet just can't withold the cheap thrilling footwear at Penneys, there are somethings that just can't be compromised on even in a recession!


  1. I'm with you on the shoes. If you have to spend a little, spend it on your feet! They will tahnk you for it in later years!


  2. My gran always said the two things in life you should splash out on are good shoes and a good bed cause if you're not in one you are in the other! :)