Monday, July 13, 2009

Spent Saturday trawling around Penneys with my mam in an effort to convince her how far this shop has come and that it is now a wonderland for trendy recessionistas..a job well done it seems as she left with an armload of half - priced cotton casuals, a tribal patterned skirt reduced to 3euro because of a missing button, and the best pair of jeggings I've come across yet that look amazing on her slim legs.We continued our credit crunchy afteroon by stocking up on body lotions and shower gels at Tesco before marvelling at the amazing sale in A- Wear where there were rails of skirts for a fiver..three of which I had bought a few months ago for a much more expensive price unfortunately!
I love this pic of Rachel Bilson, who looks stylish as always stepping out in LA in her jeggings..

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