Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It might not be a coincidence that 2009 sees a big return to 80s fashion, the best and worst of the decade that last saw us knee-deep in recession.First spawned on the catwalks and now taking over the highstreet are a kaleidoscope of neon brights, tie-dye patterns and chain-strap mini handbags in 'colour block' shades resembling those of a Rubix cube, another 80s legend. Ankle socks, lace-up brogues and jumpsuits are all back in style!

It's time to recycle your old wardrobe and have a good dig out for that faded denim jacket or ruffled mini skirt, some of the items adorning shops this season along with fingerless gloves, oversized clutches and big shoulder pads.Structured blazers signify a return to power-dressing for women which, when worn with tons of blusher and statement earrings, shows you mean business and might just land you that job!

White Blazers are particularly big news this summer, once we're careful not to overdo it and end up looking like an extra from Miami Vice or one of the Bee Gees. Celebs who are modern champions of this trend include Alexa Chung, Angnes Deyn and Kate Moss who get the Eighties/Noughties balance spot on. Other 80s trends currently being revisited are acid-washed jeans and ripped pale denim with off the shoulder t-shirts.

The unforgiving 'jeggings' - a clever spin on the skinny jean and legging - should be approached with caution for anyone not a hundred percent happy with the silhouette of their pins. Many girls will remember shoe-horning themselves into leggings and skipants as chubby teenagers; brightly patterned lycra and cheap cotton transforming thighs into strung-up sausages, made worse when worn with a reversible sweatshirt that wasn't quite long enough! Ugh the memories!

This time around, however, we can get it right, ignoring slapwrist bracelets, jellied shoes and poodle perms.We have come a long way in the style stakes on Irish shores and know how to team leggings with longer tops, tone down neons with muted nudes and wear clothes with confidence instead of letting them 'wear' us.Through the benefits of hindsight hopefully we can pick out what works and make the 80s fashion work for us, second time around, and with not a camel toe in sight!

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