Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I spent last week keeping close to the edge of frugality. After nabbing so many bargains in LA I headed home certain I had obeyed the rules of recession holidaying as well as doing my bit for the world economy by shopping.

Sixteen hours later however, I was furious at having to pay €150 for excess baggage.

So i spent the week doing 'free things' such as washing, squeezing my new clothes into my boyfriend's wardrobe and walking a lot to limit the extent of calorie creepage after a week of margaritas and guacemole.

By Saturday I was ready for my 'non recession' treat, a belated birthday present from my boyfriend who has finally recovered from a virus.

A meal in Town Bar and Grill. Far were we from affording Town Bar and Grill right now but I enjoyed my night of spoiling. The place was heaving and I wondered if perhaps the other diners were also the recpients of birthday treats or once-off special meals.
There was no evidence to show that this is the latest haunt to come to the media's attention as being in trouble.

It's sad, but not surprising, to hear that such a good restaurant, with fantastic food and a favourite among many, is now experiencing recessionary difficulties.
It's not surprising to me as my own family's restaurant, ironically a year closed on the very night I ate in Town, was never short of covers at the weekend and its closure was merely an indicator of financial pressure rather than a lack of popularity.

That's the thing about recession, it sometimes claims the busier restaurants as its victims, with high rents and unsympathetic banks playing a role. A full house doesn't always make the books add up. Unfortunately.

Many quieter restaurants will survive the recession, while busier ones may continue to close - it's just financial logistics you see.

Indeed so sudden was our own closure in the end that I only found out on the day, Friday 13th last year. After working there five, sometimes six days a week, for nearly six years, I know all too well the effect a closed business can have on those involved.

I pass many empty restaurants in Dublin at the moment and always get a twinge when I see bored staff furiously polishing the cutlery, desperate to keep themselves busy and hold onto their shifts.

I hope Town Bar and Grill's, 'private investor' will put an end to their troubles and see it thrive in the future.

Each dish was perfect, worth every penny and calorie, even if I will be walking more this week!

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