Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am a lucky girl this week as I get to embark on a respite from the recession in Los Angeles! We all need a break from the daily grind, even more so this year, and, while being careful with money is definitely the trend for 09, I am fortunate enough to have my doting godfather and my amazing aunt living in the Sunshine State, always ready with open arms to welcome visitors from home, once we arrive laden with Tayto and Crunchies.

They swapped Sutton for Stateside at the end of the last recession, relocating to a villa - esque house in the valley of eternal sunshine, landing top jobs as animation producers. Their picture-perfect backyard with its sparkling swimming pool completes their American dream and, as a return to Ireland seemed less likely during the height of the boom, it is definitely now off the cards for good.

And so, lucky for me, I have enjoyed many visits to their beautiful home on the west coast, benefitting from much spoiling over the years. Whether it was popping in en route to Australia, or taking a break from living in the San Francisco ghetto in a two bedroomed flat, overcrowded with Limerick lads and mice, during the summer of 2001, I have always had the best of times on my various trips to La La land.

This year, the lure of some sun was even more attractive, after the stress of losing, searching for and starting my new job in the last few months. A recession-tastic flight for less than 500euro, coupled with free accommodation and an irresistible exchange rate, add up to the perfect credit crunch deal, and, even though this is my seventh trip in ten years, my excitement never wanes at how lucky I am to come here time and time again and for a bargain price. I've a lot of catching up to do when I arrive: with a margarita in hand and my feet in their pool, I will be updating them on all the news from home, who's working, who's worried, who's giving up hope. Rumours of how Ireland has changed so drastically in the last few months will be confirmed by my tales of recessionary woe.

But I am going to make the absolute most of this week, relaxing and forgetting the hectic year behind me, and of course I will be dabbling in some recession savvy shopping. With the amazing value of the dollar, it would be foolish of a recessionista not to…

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