Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sales of men’s pyjamas have risen by 30% in the last year, indicating a link between the recession and a trend for cosier nights in. I’m not a fan of men in pyjamas – t-shirts and boxers will suffice. It’s a squirm I seem to have picked up from my Mam who never bought the boys in our house pyjamas and if they received them as presents they would mysteriously disappear before long.

I am, however, a big fan of pyjamas for myself! For years after a busy day at work the first thing I would do upon arriving home was free myself from the constraints of binding clothes and sometimes be in my pjs as early as 7pm on a winter’s night. Mostly it was a hybrid of a pyjama- tracksuit outfit, a trend I know most of my friends have adopted for nights they are staying put.

It’s not surprising then to hear that sales in women’s pyjamas have tripled in the last decade, given the amount of girls who love nothing more then settling on the sofa in fluffy flannel ensembles instead of restrictive skinny jeans and tights.

However, the outdoor pyjama wearing fad in Dublin, is not something I condone – it is the ultimate sign of laziness. I recently witnessed two girls in their late 20s at a local shopping centre on a busy Saturday afternoon – both clad in pink pyjamas, fluffy slippers and complete with full length dressing gowns and smug smiles. As numerous honks sounded from the car park, they seemed delighted at receiving such attention for their ridiculous look.

Now working from home I admit that my pyjamas often stay put ‘til after lunch. But I would never wear them further than my front door. I know the recession has slowed down life for many people, myself included, but really there is no excuse for this outdoor pursuit.

As well as the demand for regular pyjamas, retailer Debenhams has reported an increase in sales for boudoir inspired lingerie. Suspenders, fishnets and basques have all become increasingly popular in the last two months, confirming perhaps that couples are spending more evenings at home together in the face of the recession.

More time for romantic nights in is definitely a perk of the current climate and most women don’t need an excuse to get excited about lingerie. I just hope the pyjama goons around town don’t catch on to this current sales surge and start going to Spar in silk stockings and lacy bras instead.


  1. I actually saw a woman out in her dressing gown last night. Seriously, how freakin' dumb is that!?!

  2. It's mad, in today's rain I saw two girls in pyjamas with umbrellas on Dorset Street!

  3. This is something I will never understand! I love a cosy pair of PJs myself but to wear them outside my house??

  4. I know it's crazy isn't it! I'm seeing it more and more around town now since I wrote this! x