Monday, October 5, 2009

Since the recession began the trend for 'clothes swapping' has emerged as increasingly popular with a range of swap shops and swapping parties happening across the country.

The current climate has encouraged many girls to part with some of their best loved but unsuitable clothing, the need for cash finally forcing them to accept they will never again wear something that has hung in their wardrobe for too long! I have become a willing swapper in recent months due to my cash-starved account with all the job hopping and swapping this year!. Like myself, many women may take a few years to really 'find' their style and figure out what works for their figure, resulting in a huge pile of unwanted clothes that may never again see the light of day outside an overcrowded wardrobe. Swap shops hello, hotpants good bye!

The Frock Exchange in Skerries opened in May of this year in response to this growing demand. This stylish swap shop is drawing dedicated shoppers from all over Dublin and further afield with a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories from a host of designer and high street labels.

Situated on Thomas Hand Street in Skerries, just twenty minutes north of Dublin airport, The Frock Exchange offers the best in casual and occasion wear with labels such as Armani, Prada, Chloe, Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg and Valentino flying off the rails for a fraction of their original prices!

Ladies who bring clothes or shoes in good condition to The Frock Exchange can discuss with owner Louise a price they are happy to sell their garments on for. The shop then operates a sale or return policy after one month and gives 50% of the cost back once the item is sold, a great incentive for hoarders to make an extra euro during the recession!

The Frock Exchange is open from Tuesday to Friday 10am til 5.30pm and Saturday 10am til 6pm. Contact number is 087 253 9632 or email enquiries to

Another swap shop currently causing fashion chaos in the city is the Swop Shop in Temple bar, where an actual bartering system takes place rather than any cash exchange. This is Dublin's first and only fashion 'exchange' store, offering customers the chance to swap like-for-like clothes. For example, a customer wishing to offload an item from Savida can swap it for something of a similar worth, Vero Moda perhaps.

However, owner Adele doesn't generally accept too much from Dunnes or Penneys as the stuff is so cheap to begin with that it is hardly worth passing on second hand. Swop Shop has a great variety of styles and sizes with an impressive collection of designer goods. If a swapper doesn't find an item they like initially they will receive 'swap credit' for next time they visit the store. Love this place!

For more information visit

Image here is Sara Berman animal print satin tie dress from Urban Outfitters now available at Swop Shop

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