Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's fair to say that my 'can't live without it' item is black opaque tights..somewhere along the way I have become addicted to the sleekness of high denier ink-black tights and the easy chicness they add to any outfit..forget jeans, trousers and the effort of bare legs, tights are here to stay, in my wardrobe at least!

I've dabbled in navy, electric neon colours and patterned tights but I always sneak back to black. I like Penneys, Oasis and topshop but my favourite are Falke 70denier (they seem waay darker though) available at Brown Thomas for 19euro. Expensive but worth it, especially as I pretty much wear black tights about 5 out of 7 days a week!

I'm stuck in a 'tight' fashion rut but I like it.

First and last Pics from Fashion Toast and Glamour.com


  1. I love the last image, it is so romantic! Black opaque tights are my must as well, although I love them in different colouts too.

  2. Thanks Alice - I know, where would we be without our tights!! think the third image is my fave..

  3. You're right about Falke, it's definitely worth spending more when it comes to opaques. I bought a pair of 150 denier tights (150!) in Dunnes yesterday that were practically transparent..so annoying! Wheras any wolford or falke tights I bought have survived multiple washes and months of hard wear.

  4. I know Ciara - it's so annoying trying to find decent pairs for cheap! I think I've decided now to treat them as an important part of my wardrobe and pay for Falke's - have yet to try Wolfords much get a pair soon!