Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A friend is currently experiencing a stress overload - juggling a demanding full-time job in the music industry with two part-time 'gigs', leaving little room for precious 'me time'.

Luckily she had time last Friday night for a quick catch up. I found my friend slumped on the couch in her pyjamas, surrounded by tissues, Berocca and her Blackberry, hoping that an hour of downtime between appointments would ward off her heavy cold.

We both expressed some envy about each other's current work loads. Hers seems gloriously rewarding at the moment while I have so much free time between freelancing that it's hard to remember what a full week's work is like.

Considering I spent my life to date with several jobs and college courses at the same time, this more relaxed timetable has taken some adjusting to. No alarm clock, no commuting, no rushing, alas no big wages - but any work that comes my way is from the comfort of my own couch and, if I'm honest I’m enjoying my new work, life balance, for now.

My friend was in a similar situation last year but work-free weekends and lazy evenings are now a distant memory for this rising star.

I've been catching up with overdue friends, had more time for my family and ultimately have loved working for myself, from touting for potential PR clients to freelance writing. My departure from full-time work coincided with my relocation to the city, meaning endless hours of either power walking, strolling or browsing the city's streets, from Donnybrook to Dun Laoghaire - each and every shopping centre, market and boutique in between.

All the while I'm earning more then enough money to fund my city lifestyle - albeit less lavish. Don’t get me wrong – I would like to get back in the fast lane at some stage – I just believe in making the most of things right now.

I'm savouring this time, - that I really am young and free - because it’s likely at some stage I will be, once again, like my friend, complaining about commuting in bad weather and cancelling dates due to exhaustion.

Some morning in the future when I’m rushing through town with wet feet before 9am, I want to look back on this time and know that I made the most of every second of the slower paced year.

The year I learnt how to live on less money but, with more time, managed to have more fun.


  1. hey fantastic blog, was hoping you might link to one i write with my sisters?

  2. Will do Jennie thanks! Just had a look yours is great too! I've been lazy with the fashion stuff recently and just been putting up my columns..I'll add you to my list of blogs I follow..