Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I recently read that during a recession, there is a boost in lingerie and lipstick sales. This doesn't surprise me as a girl's need to spoil herself is probably heightened when times are tough.

My own overindulgent treatment is a weekly blow-dry, a well honed habit that began when aged 15. Back when I first realised I could pay someone to transform my unruly locks, I would show up at my local salon and exchange my hard-earned babysitting money for a sleeker, shinier do that would last all weekend.

In those days, weekends were spent sitting on a wall trying to look cool in front of the boys and, while I couldn't shift my puppy fat, I learned fast how to achieve perfect hair at a perfect price. Twelve years on and barely a week has passed without booking in for my treat, from my trusted Skerries salon where I now count the girls among friends, to overpriced blow-dries around the world.

Even when I lost my job and my socialising ground to the halt I still managed a blow-dry to lift my spirits. The average cost is €30 and in these recessionary times I still feel it is money well spent, making me look, and ultimately feel, better like nothing else can. I’ m happier to cut back elsewhere than on my hair taming. Usually confined to the weekends, I have dabbled in my confidence trick for interviews, holidays, and even exams! If I added up what I have spent on my hair down through the years, the figure still wouldn't give me the guilts. All girls have their beauty habits that, even now with wage cuts, they refuse to give up. If you saw my 'natural hair', a tangled, frazzled mess that even a GHD couldn’t fix, you would understand my extravagant addiction and on assessment of my overall beauty purchases it seems a small price to pay. I’m not part of the fake tan brigade and in place of nails I have ugly stumps from a lifetime of chewing. I have been to a beautician I think twice – with vouchers.

Call me wasteful, but for the price of a week’s cigarettes, my hair will be glossy and groomed to salon perfection. As well as my regular girls, I have booked last minute blow-dries all over the city... I know which salons open early, open late and open Sundays. I'll happily go without shopping, make-up and even alcohol before my rebellious recession habit.
And I am doing my bit to help the economy, helping hairdressers with my regular visits, southside, northside and nationwide

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